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We're a branding and graphic design agency in Auckland and Hamilton. For a design agency, our wingspan is unbelievable. We're designers and techies capable of almost anything, logo design, annual reports, company rebranding, web design, etc.
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With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, infrastructure, digital, and investment sectors, Hatch has helped clients through disruptive business environments before. Today, stalled global economies, reduced investment activity, weaker global trade, and geopolitical turmoil have clients asking Hatch for more innovative and efficient solutions. The organization needed to reframe its corporate purpose and values to reflect today’s issues, and connect to employees, clients, partners and communities as a purpose-driven brand. Leadership saw this moment in the firm’s history as an opportunity to develop a more relevant and compelling vision for today and the next six decades.


Working closely with the Hatch leadership team, I helped lead the team that developed a new story to support business growth that ultimately creates positive change in the world. Launched at PDAC 2016, it was articulated in an inspiring narrative that speaks to Hatch’s promise to embrace clients’ vision as its own, bring the firm’s best thinking to the toughest challenges, and help clients transform the world. Signalling this change with a new identity, story and behaviours to guide their actions, Hatch now has a new sense of purpose and pride that extends through to their clients.


This inspiring new strategy has helped Hatch tell a consistent story and ask a provocative question: What are you doing to create positive change in the world? By using mathematical symbols to represent positive change, Hatch’s new purpose is communicated in the visual language of engineers with just two characters, the plus and delta symbols. Workshops held with Hatch communicators ensured the new brand has a powerful and inspiring expression — along with aligned internal campaigns, tools and HR materials.


With a new brand that empowers all stakeholders to be bold and efficient in creating positive business results, Hatch is developing innovative solutions for their clients’ current challenges and ensuring their long-term success.


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